booking enquiry

Across Europe there are so many beautiful city’s and always when i travel i make some new friends and what is a good whiskey without music. Night out, yes i love it. I like Dj’s they are the fabric of the clubs, the vocalist the soul of a bar and the guitarist, yes that’s for my heart, my love.

Not everyone is lucky to be raised in a city with a lot of live musician and can just grab some friends at the neck with some steps around the corner. But what is a night without music? I am writing songs since i am 12 years old. Just for me and my friends and some guys. We just had fun. To be honest with fresh 6 years i play flute and concert bells cause i have to. i don’t choose to be on a Catholic primary school, i guess i was to young and got parents. i decide to change my life and I offer my achievements right here, you can stream my music on several platforms, before you request a booking. But mind that a band is more than one guy, with a beautiful voice, yes i miss them. At least I got time, so if you got a band, just get in contact, too.